Media Destruction

You may have some items such as hard drives, memory sticks and CD's that you can't easily dispose of due to the sensitivity of the data they hold. As well as offering the secure destruction of paper-based materials, we have the capability to destroy these media-storage devices and ensure that they are destroyed in compliance with Government legislation.

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Media devices that hold sensitive data

Media devices store thousands of files which hold top secret & confidential information. You have a legal obligation to dispose of them correctly! Our on-site witnessed media disposal service; makes physical destruction a speedier, more economical & secure alternative than simply just wiping the data from them!

Shred First UK also provide on-site mobile shredding of DLT tapes, CD’s/DVD’s/Tapes, USB flash drives, Mobile phones & Tables and any other media devices that hold confidential information. Whether you have 1 or 1000 devices we are able to cater for your needs and supply a secure and mobile destruction service; via our specialist mobile shredding trucks. There are legal obligations to dispose of these types of materials correctly by erasing all risks of falling into the wrong hands. Witnessing the on-site destruction by our securely vetted personnel team of your media, along with the certificate of destruction/waste transfer note provides maximum business security.

We provide total on-site destruction via our Hard Drive Destruction machine; and secure media destruction via our mobile shredding trucks all over London, Kent, Essex & Surrey. Get in touch now to receive a secure and safe destruction service



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